Valaisanne Zwickelbier

Brewed by Valaisanne (Feldschlösschen)
Style: Zwickelbier
Sion, Switzerland

Valaisanne, a small Swiss brewery, that produce exciting craft beers. They produce a range of beers, a Zwickelbier, a Pale Ale, and a Weizen.

Valais is a canton in southern Switzerland, the French speaking part of the country.

Feldschlösschen, the beer kings of Switzerland, now own the small brewery, further consolidating their strong grip on beer production in the nation.

Review: 33cl bottle of Valaisanne Zwickelbier, Bière de Cave : 5.4% vol.

A Zwickelbier, also called Kellerbier, the literal translation is “Cellar Beer”, an unfiltered, “naturally cloudy” beer. The term is based on the fact that the beer comes directly “from the storage cellar”, ie drunk or bottled without filtration.

Comes in a very decent looking bottle that has a well designed label and logo with pretty lettering, stands out. Bought in Coop, local supermarket.

It is looking cloudy and I see a lot of sediment floating, and that’s from the bottle and even before I crack it open! It is a Zwickelbier for sure, bursting to get out! Wonder would this count as part of my 5 a day, what with all the nutrients on sight?

Looks very good on pour, getting a very nice decent sized white head, which settles very, very well, and a lovely golden coloured beer.

Not so cloudy when poured.

Head maintains very well, some good lacing. All in all it is a very good looking beer, very nice on the eye.

Aroma of fruits and straw, all light though. Getting a red berry note.

On the taste I am getting a lot of the grains buzzing around. Also a bit too hoppy and bitter at the front, but then too light in the aftertaste.

Very light, nearly too soft, nothing really to excite the taste buds. Malty and sweet but all on the low end and very simple in flavour.

Smooth and easy to drink for sure, but lacking in anything to excite.

More like a lager, a bad one. Forgettable beer.

Alcohol and fun