Ur Bräu, on the lakes of Lucerne.

Ur Bräu


Brewed by Ramseier Urbräu
Style: Landbier
Lucerne, Switzerland

The lovely lake of Lucerne, many a time I have gone on a cruise on this beautiful wonder. And on the odd occasion I have drank some Ur Bräu that does be served on the passenger boats and cruise ships.

Lucerne is in central Switzerland, and its star attraction is its massive lake, a total area of 114 km² (44 sq miles). It is very scenic with many bends and turns and one can always see the Alps far off in the distance, most of the time with snow covered peaks. Taking a cruise is the way to go, and at peak tourist time they are regular enough, and stop at various points along the lake. Or, if you prefer, you can do some laps of the lake without getting on a passenger boat at all as there are scenic walks all around the lake.

Ramseier Urbräu is an unfiltered beer made exclusively for Tavolago, the food-supplier of SGV, the ship-company of lake Lucerne (Schiffahrtsgesellschaft Vierwaldstättersee).

Review: 33cl brown bottle of Ur Bräu: 5% vol.

On the bottle you get a nice big UR logo, interesting and striking, it stands out.

On pour I get a decent frothy white head that looks good and a palish golden looking beer.

Some lacing. head sticks around.

Not a bad looker.

The smell is faint, yeasty and malty, but not strong on the nose.

The initial taste was fantastic, very crispy soothing start, very good.

Lovely deep mouthfuls, the beer bubbling away on the tongue. Malts and fruits doing the business from the beginning.

But after it settles, not so nice. Beer is a bit sour, bit bitter, too much corn and a bit metallic.

Best part is its initial mouthful. Probably a little too bitter therein afterwards. Not great actually in the final stretch.
Bitter taste in the aftertaste. Ruins the beer. Not great overall, disappointing.



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