Uberach Juliette


Brewed by Brasserie d’Uberach
Style: Spice/Herb/Vegetable
Uberach, France

Brasserie d’Uberach (Uberach brewery) is the name of an independent microbrewery founded in 1999, founded by Eric Trossat. Eric was a former engineer in a nuclear power plant in Normandy, but lets decide later if his beers have an explosive kick (boom boom!). Getting his qualifications in the brewing process, he produces craft beers out of his base in Uberach, in north-eastern France.

Uberach offers about twenty specific beers including organic beers which represents half of its volume. The brewery enjoys a strong regional base, are distributed in Alsace, in neighboring departments, in the Paris region and in a few specialized stores throughout France. In 2017 they have even decided to try their hand at producing whiskey!

The logo of the beer represents the old shoe factory that housed the brewery initially.

Review: 50cl bottle of Uberach Juliette: 4.8% vol.

Bottle from Lidl France. Interesting logo of two people kissing, striking. Was a little bit pricey, considering its in Lidl, 3 Euros plus for the bottle, albeit a big bottle of beer.

The beer is brewed every year on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

On pour got a hazy looking beer that produced a shitty enough white head and was dark orange in colour.

No lacing, no real head, flat in fact, not a looker by any means. Is this representing the ugly bird at the end of the night? Depressing in looks.

Oh fuck me, a very fruity and perfumy smell on the nose. It is very in your face, very pointed, and exactly like a perfume you would buy in the shops, did I make a mistake?

Getting the smells of a rose and fruits, particularly the smell of apricots and peaches which are both, of course, passion fruits!

It is a very nice aroma though, flowery and unusual but nice. Bit of an aphrodisiac, felt a bit horny after it!! LOL

Taste is a bit similar to the smell, which is fine for an aroma but not so fine to be drinking. I mean who drinks perfume?

Beer is a bit of a let down, bit flat in the taste, disappointing. A date that showed promise peters out.

Found some coriander and was very yeasty too.

Bit of a harsh taste to it too, like it is blocking the floral and fruit notes from expressing themselves, that would be the patriarch! It must be the ginger that is a list of the ingredients. Oh boy I do hate ginger, that explains why I didn’t enjoy this one.

One to drink slowly, leaves a bit of an “urgh” taste in the mouth.

What’s the point? Gimmicky, bit of a taste and that’s it. A cheap date that was unfulfilling……..

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