Trekhgornoe Three Hills Beer (Трехгорное)

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Trekhgornoe Three Hills Beer (Трехгорное)

Brewed by Moscow Brewing Company
Style: Premium Bitter
Moscow, Russia

The history of Trekhgornoe Beer began in 1875. Then Trekhgornoe Brewing Partnership was founded and The Three Hills Factory was built in the suburbs of Moscow. Today it is still part of Moscow life, in the district of Krasnaya Presnya.

Moscow Brewing Company launched its operations in September 2008 and today is considered Russia’s most modern brewery. The company offers a wide range of its own and licensed beer and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as imported products. The company has restored the traditional Trekhgornoe Moscow beer for 21st century consumption.

The high quality of Trekhgornoe beer was testified by two state arms on bottles and labels, proving how well regarded this beer became during the times of the Tsars.

The Trekhgornoe brand is the official partner of legendary football club Spartak Moscow.

Review: small 450 ml bottle of Trekhgornoe Three Hills Beer (Трехгорное): 4.9% vol.

Tpexrophoe Mockba which I have no idea what it means, perhaps it means “Three Hills Beer”, the English name of the beer, yes that’s it, it must be that! Got it in a lovely little 450 ml bottle with a handle. Also can find in bottles.

Produced according to the original recipe of 1875.

Multiple award winner at the World Beer Awards, taking gold three times as Country Winner in 2015, 2017 and in 2019. Not bad.

On the appearance, looks like a cup of tea, dark golden colour with no head at all. Some small initial carbonation going on, but not a lot else.

The smell is floral, of grains and the malts but a little light on the nose. No aroma really.

Taste is unusual for me, difficult to exactly pin down but its strong on the taste buds for sure. Hops are there but very manageable. Lot of grains, and barley malts like a barley wine in fact. The hops have a unique enough taste, of nice Polaris hops which are well fruity and spicy.

Getting a lot from the small bottle, always a plus in my book.

Liked this, was easy to drink with a delicate bitterness, nice and relaxing. Nothing amazing but a mood setter and will return for future inspection.



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