Sunny Bräu Ananas Mango IPA

Sunny Bräu

Brewed by Sunnybräu
Style: IPA
Binningen, Basel-Country Switzerland

Not a whole lot about this on the net, but the brewery is located in Binningen, a municipality in the canton of Basel-Landschaft perched on a hill overlooking the city of Basel in North West Switzerland.

Review: 330ml brown bottle of Sunny Bräu Ananas Mango IPA: 8.8% vol.

Coming in a brown bottle we get a cute drawing of a doggy. Plain and simple, I like it. Pretty much why I went for it in the off license!

On opening the bottle I got a nice puff, good start! A massive white, creamy and frothy head appears with a dark golden colour. When the beer eventually settles down, it all looks good and very inviting on the eye.

Good amount of lacing left behind on glass.

The smell is a typical IPA, the hops are prominent on the nose, the sweet malts, very sweet, piney and, of course, the fruits. Lovely aroma. Two out of two so far, in looks and aroma.

Onto the taste. Very sweet, those malts definitely coming to the fore. The hops are on the low level, not so bitter, manageable and calm enough to enjoy.

Very nice to drink, went down very well, enjoyable and relaxing, and will definitely like to return in the near future. Perhaps also to try their other fare as well. But this one was good.

I would say the fruits could be a bit more alive and were found a bit wanting in the beer, but this is just a slight negative for me as overall I enjoyed the beer.

Lovely poured cold. Recommended.




Alcohol and fun

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Beer drinker

Beer drinker

Alcohol and fun

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