Royal Ionian Pilsner

Royal Ionian Pilsner

Brewed by Corfu Beer
Style: Pilsener
Agios Georgios, Corfu, Greece

Corfu beer was founded in the year of 2006 and brews a collection of beers that are popular for the long hot summer days on the holiday island.

Review: 500 ml dark green bottle of Royal Ionian Pilsner Beer: 5% vol.

One I got on the holiday island of Corfu.

On pour we get a rather ok looking golden colour, with no head to speak of, looks pretty rubbish. Very flat looking beer.

On the nose I get a lot of malts, very malty aroma, also get the grains, the yeast, and an earthy smell. Strong and pleasant on the nose.

For the taste, initially liking it, not bad at all, malts swirling around on the taste buds, excellent stuff, nice earthy roasted malts, very good start.

Barley strong in this one, plus very grainy.

Lovely beer, really impressive, another Greek surprise, very impressive Pilsner.

Nice and cold from the fridge on a hot Greek summers day.

Malty and barley tastes with sweet lemon that work in perfect balance with the light hops. Very quaffable, very smooth, so easy to drink with very mild bitterness and a light finish.

Had a lovely day, visited the blue lagoon and this beer was the perfect way to top a great day out in Corfu.
Loved it, excellent, nice and crisp.

Review: 330 ml clear bottle of Royal Ionian Ginger Ale: 2% vol.

A refreshing soft drink with ginger and orange and cinnamon.

Now before I begin I must admit I absolutely hate ginger, cant stand the stuff, so this should be fun!

Pour a pure yellow colour, looks like a very watered down dilutable orange drink more than anything else, or you could say some fruit juice. No such thing as a head on this fella, but then did you really expect one?

A nice smell, one of fruits, the orange and cinnamon is really kicking in big time. Sugary aroma too, and of course getting all that ginger. Strong and pleasant on the nose.

In the taste I find the cinnamon to be quite strong in this, comes to the forefront, holding back the orange flavours and tastes big time, which is a pity as it is all a bit urgh!

Ginger is also prominent, and I am not a fan at all. It has not really won me over. I really dont get why people would put it into a beer at all, as I am struggling to drink it. Goes down very, very slow and with a grimace (I always drink beer none of the drain pouring for me, waste not want not!). A tough one for me!



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