Pražský Premium Lager

Pražský Premium Czech Lager

Brewed by Pivovary Staropramen
Style: Pilsener — Bohemian / Czech
Prague, Czech Republic

Staropramen Brewery, founded in 1869, is the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic, and is situated in the Smíchov district of Prague. The brand name Staropramen, literally means “Old Spring”.

It is now owned by Molson Coors who bought it in 2012, and its products are exported to over 37 different countries, mostly in Europe and North America.

Review: 500ml can of Imported Pražský Premium Lager: 4.2% vol.

Cheap can of beer in a six pack, from the off license, sold to cater for the local Eastern European community. Damn them and their good lagers and pretty women! Prazsky uses only the finest Czech hops, malt and water. Can be found in bottle and on draught as well.

On the nose I am not getting a whole lot, not much at all. Very faint, malts and barley, lagery aroma.

The appearance is a bit better than the aroma, good enough frothy head with a golden coloured look, typical of the style. Decent head, nice and creamy looking. Good lacing.

Getting a typical lagery taste of the beer, nice enough for the style, lovely aftertaste of the grains very clear, hop bitterness on the low level, barley and malt.

A light tasting lager, that is nice and easy to relax with, goes down simple enough, smooth and very quenchable, no problems here.

When served cold from the fridge, goes down very nice.

Not a huge array of flavours or tastes going on but its a solid lager and the sweet malts do the business. I like it, simple and will buy again when looking for something easy to drink and enjoy, and when not looking to spend a whole amount. Wasn’t expecting much so was pleasantly surprised here.



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