Põhjala Kosmos IPA

Põhjala Kosmos


Brewed by Põhjala Brewery
Style: IPA
Tallinn, Estonia

Founded in 2011 by four Estonian beer enthusiasts, Põhjala are now the largest craft brewery from the Baltic countries.

The beers are inspired by Estonian heritage, local nature and cuisine, taking well known beer styles and adding their own distinctive taste with a surprising twist, from wild foraging ingredients for their ‘Forest Series’ to their heavy hitting ‘Cellar Series’.

Review: 33cl bottle of Põhjala Kosmos IPA: 5.5% vol.

Comes in bottles, cans and kegs. The name Kosmos refers to the IPA you are about to drink, as described by the brewers, “an intergalactic IPA brewed with huge amounts of citra and mosaic”, ……. hitting the stars, well lets hope so!

Less attractive is the rather dull logo, modern art style of what looks like a sand storm or a bit of dust blowing in the wind. I don’t know I kind of like my beers to come with some simple stuff, like its name, how strong it is, and what exactly I am drinking, but hey hoo who am I to argue with I am after all just a humble drinker. This my first tryout from the small country of Estonia.

On pour get a nice golden yellow coloured brew and a lot of carbonation fizzing about. Despite all that the head isn’t great, and the end result is a beer that looks like a fruit juice with minimal heading. Not a looker.

The aroma is very nice, a typical IPA aroma that hits the nose immediately after opening resulting in a very pleasurable smell. I get the citrus and assorted tropical fruits, the malts, the hops, pine, very nice.

The taste is very sweet, at least that was my first reaction, very sweet! Also deep bodied in the taste, typical IPA style, not bad at all. Malts, hops and lots of tropical fruits.

Very fruity, lovely to taste.

Hops are well manageable, and the attack of the fruits on the tastebuds is a killer for this beer.

Very tasty beer, liked it a lot, very easy to enjoy the differing hops (mosaic and citra hops), the fresh citrus and tropical fruits, that were full to the max in flavours. Loved it and it is well worth checking out again. So tasty, so easy to drink and I was pleasantly surprised. Recommended.



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