Robinsons Old Tom Ginger

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3 min readAug 18, 2022


Old Tom

Brewed by Robinsons Family Brewery
Style: Strong Ale
Stockport, England

Based in the heart of Stockport for over 181-years, owning a collection of around 260 pubs, inns and hotels across the North West of England and North Wales

From the first ale brewed in The Unicorn Pub in Stockport, Cheshire in 1849, Robinson’s has been an independent family-run brewer all the way through to today, in its sixth-generation, the where it is regarded as one of the most respected names in British brewing and innkeeping, particularly famous throughout the UK for their tasty ales.

Review: 330ml bottle of Robinsons Old Tom Ginger: 6.0% vol.

Coming in a very cool looking black bottle with a very nice logo of a ginger cat. Very easy to buy with that lovely presentation.

From the pour I get a dark deep ruby red looking brew, with not much of a head appearing at all. Looks a bit shitty to be honest. Head goes flat very, very fast. Small to no head is the result……

The smell is light, very light on the nose. Of course I get the ginger, and some fruit and malts but its very faint which is quite surprising for a beer with ginger in it……..

So obviously the taste is ginger, no surprise there then. Now I actually hate ginger, but don’t ask me why I bought this in the beer shop. I think I was mesmerized by the cat picture on the bottle and just put it into the basket, ha. But the thing is this isn’t actually too bad at all. The ginger is very well balanced with the malts and the caramel, so its not overbearing at all, thank God for that!

Kind of like a strong cola with ginger. It is very interesting drink and has a deep tasting English ale style to it. A vodka and coke with a touch of ginger. I like it. I even shock myself in saying that!

The alcohol is very well hidden. Perfect for the slow drinker, nice to sip and relax with. Ginger, malts and sweet cola, moderately bitter and a little fruity too (pears), all very well balanced.

Yeah, coke with ginger, but it works, very easy to drink and recommended. I liked it, but the only negative here is that the bottles were far too small as I wanted more.

I am not sure that the fact I liked this beer as someone who hates ginger, is good or bad. Good that it appeals to me, but bad in that perhaps a real ginger fan might not think there was enough ginger in it, oh I don’t know, ha!…



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