Lucky Jack American Pale Ale

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3 min readNov 3, 2021


Lucky Jack American Pale Ale

Brewed by Lervig Aktiebryggeri
Style: Pale Ale
Stavanger, Norway

Lervig Aktiebryggeri, in the city of Stavanger, southern Norway, was founded in 2003 by Kristoffer Stensrud.

The brewery is part owned by an American investment fund called Orkila Capital who, in 2018, purchased 50% of the company. The investment fund itself is part of, Danish brewery, Mikkellers investment portfolio.

The craft brewery produce a wide range of beers from easy-drinking pilsners and pale ales to barrel-aged stouts, barley wines, and sours, exporting about a third of all their beers abroad.

Review: 0,33l bottle of Lucky Jack American Pale Ale: 4.7% vol.

A beer from a brewery once rated as one of the top 100 breweries in the world according to a well known beer rating site, ok so lets see about that then……..

Cool enough logo on the bottle, a rugged character looking out to sea, nice blue colouring.

On pour get a massive white head with a lot of carbonation, fizzing away like mad, a lively beer from the start!
A golden coloured beer with what looks like a reddish hue, and after we get a well maintained white creamy head that lasts. Some lacing present.

Looks very nice, like a fine wine! To be looked at and admired. Good start.

Holy fuck that smell is powerful stuff, very strong on the nose, very spicy and very fruity, both regular fruits and the more tropical ones too.

The toxicity level is high, nearly afraid to drink this fella! Floral smell, and that smell off the hops, is powerful and very intense. Bit like nail varnish or paint stripper. Piney as well.

Tastes like your average IPA, strong in the hops and in the taste. A long gentle bitter finish with this one. This beer has three hops, the citrus flavouring Citra hops, the Chinook hops tasting of grapefruits, and the fruity Amarillo hops, and boy does it show as all three are easily found on the taste buds.

Not a bad beer, very, very tasty, grains, hops and the light tropical fruits all lovely on the tongue, going down nice, this is a beer to sip and enjoy. Also can taste the yeast, a slight kick to let you know its there all the same!

Taste is hoppy, of course, but the balance between sweetness and hoppiness is exactly spot on.
A nice tasting beer that is definitely worth looking at again.