Longboard Island lager

Longboard Island lager


Brewed by Kona Brewing Company (Craft Brew Alliance — AB InBev)
Style: Pale Lager
Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States

Kona Brewing Company is a brewery in Kailua-Kona, a town on the west coast of Hawaii Island (the Big Island!).

Founded in 1994 by Cameron Healy and his son Spoon Khalsa. Yes his name is Spoon! The pair had a vision to reflect the spirit, culture, and beauty of Hawaii in a collection of locally produced island craft beers. This extends to the way the beers are brewed, harnessing solar energy to power their brewery and brew pubs, use recycled water, and even leftover grains to bake into the pizza crust for their Kailua-Kona bar and restaurant. They also love giving back to the community by supporting local organizations that display an appreciation to the Hawaiian culture and history.

From the 1st of October, 2010, it has been owned by Craft Brew Alliance, a larger brewing company from Portland, Oregon, which itself has been purchased by an even bigger fish, multinational giant, AB InBev!

They mostly produce IPAs, Wheat Ales and Seasonal brews. Kona’s beers are available in most places in the United States, and on occasion you might be lucky to find it further afield. Like myself, picking it up in small town Switzerland in the local supermarket!

Review: 355ml bottle of Longboard Island lager: 4.6% vol.

Available all year round this quintessential beach beer comes in cans and bottles, and on draft in Hawaii.

Longboard is the name given to a very long surf board ubiquitous on the waves this side of the world! As they say on their site……the Longboard Island Lager was crafted as a tribute to those who continue to practice the tradition of longboard surfing.

Cool logo on the bottle, of surfers on low tide, the problem with this is that it doesn’t look like a beer at all, more like something that advertises a fizzy pop. Bottle top is cool though as it has a pic of a lizard, the emblem of the company.

On pour I get a standard looking lager, clear golden colour with a nice frothy white head, which diminishes fast enough. Typical lager look.

The smell is very light, of grains and sweet malt, it is ok but very faint and weak……..

Nice crispy mouthfuls initially on the taste, a good start and a refreshing intro to this beer. Tastes like a regular lager and does the business for sure, smooth and easy to drink.

But was a little disappointed as the price was a bit high compared to the many decent supermarket discount beers that can taste about the same or even better…….

Hops are on the very low level and any flavours are barely noticeable in the taste, the malts do make an appearance as you would expect, and it is a clean beer but is far too thin, a bit tasteless to be honest. I can’t imagine it would even taste any better if I was on a beach in Hawaii as the sun shines down on me head.

A simple light lager, ok to drink but nothing extraordinary in an otherwise very crowded market…….something my mother would like to sip at I think! Not terrible just disappointing…….




Alcohol and fun

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Beer drinker

Beer drinker

Alcohol and fun

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