Locher Gran Alpin Perla

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3 min readJul 29, 2020


Locher Gran Alpin Perla


Brewed by Brauerei Locher Appenzeller bier
Style: Kölsch
Appenzell, Switzerland

Brauerei Locher AG is a Swiss based family business located in the town of Appenzell, near the Alpstein Alps. The brewery is in the hands of the Locher household, since 1886, and presently running into the fifth generation of family ownership.

Their Appenzell Beer (Quöllfrisch hell), which I found very smooth and enjoyable, is known throughout the country as one of Switzerland’s finest beers, due to the traditional methods of production and use of the local fresh spring waters that produce a lovely clean natural beer. Also the fact that the small independent brewery is standing after all these years, and still producing top quality beers is a testament to how popular the independent brewery is. Something that hasn’t changed since 1886 when Johann Christoph Locher bought the brewery over a hundred years ago.

Appenzell beers are available throughout Switzerland with the Quöllfrisch and Vollmond brands being particularly popular. Apart from the wide variety of specialty beers they also make whiskey, a beverage one doesn’t perhaps associate with Switzerland.

Tried the Gran Alpin Amber Lager which was not great at all, very dull and boring so hopefully the Perla is a bit better……….

Review: 33cl bottle of Locher Gran Alpin Perla: 5.0% vol.

Bought this beer from the local Coop supermarket here in Switzerland.

A Kölsch beer is warm fermented with top-fermenting yeast, then conditioned at cold temperatures like a lager. The taste is one of a crisp, sparkling, and slightly fruity beer, Kölsch is often described as soft or delicate. Hops are almost always of the German variety, have a place in Kölsch beers, but they’re there to accentuate flavors and provide balance to the malt rather than stimulate. As such, Kölsch beers have very little bitterness.

Apparently this is an eco and bio friendly beer with the malted barley produced by organic farmers in Grisons, the Eastern part of Switzerland, and also using natural spring water from the Alpstein, part of the Appenzell Alps.

On pour get a massive white head and a golden looking beer, with a good bit of carbonation whizzing about. Frothy white head and a golden colour, looks well decent.

Some good lacing on the glass.

Not a whole lot coming out from the bottle.

Smell is very sweet on the nose, of sweet malts and grassy and hay aromas.

Taste is …mmmmm, first impressions, have to think about this one!
It is a bit earthy, nice, yeah earthy and hay like.

Very sweet tasting, the malts definitely stand out, but manageable.

Light bitter notes, that are noticeable as they add a bit of interest to the beer giving it an earthy feel and a slight twinge to proceedings.

Beery taste but also a bit watery and not very smooth.

Overall it gets a pass, not brilliant but will do. Bit too sweet for my liking but if I was desperate I could buy it again.



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