Leo Beer

Leo Beer


Brewed by Boon Rawd Brewery
Style: Pale Lager
Bangkok, Thailand

Made by Boon Rawd Brewery, a well-known Thai brewery and beverage company founded by entrepreneur Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi (Boonrawd Sreshthaputra, his birth name), the county’s first brewery. Boonrawd toured Germany and Denmark to learn how beer was made. On his return, he constructed his brewery in 1933, and the first bottles rolled off the assembly line in 1934. The brewery remains under the management of his descendants, who use Bhirom Bhakdi as their family name.

The Garuda on the bottle’s neck of their Singha brand shows Boonrawd Brewery’s royal approval, which is granted only to companies with a long-standing favorable reputation. It received this on 25 October 1939, by a royal warrant signed by King Rama VII’s Regent. Boon Rawd is the only brewery in Thailand to receive such a right.

The brewery produces a variety of beers, soft drinks and bottled drinking water and their best known product is the pale lager, Singha. Other well known brands include Leo, U, Snow, and Asahi. Roughly ten percent of its production is exported.

Review: 330ml bottle of Leo Beer: 5.0% vol.

In cans and bottles.

Leo Beer, very cool logo, it’s a leopard though and not a lion which is slightly confusing for me, since Leo is the star sign with the zodiac symbol of a lion, bit silly, unless it means something different in Asia. Says on the bottle that the major Thai beer conglomerate, Singha corporation co. Ltd, own this brew.

The colour is a pale golden yellow with a small white head, that does die a death very quick. Some carbonation and the general look is ok.

Lovely aroma on the nose, a nice beery smell, a little sweet but nice, even if its a little faint. Sweet corn, the hops and yeast and mild grains……

A lager taste is there for sure, but on the low level, watered down and with minimal hop presence. Light grains and that’s about it really.

Also a bit raw and a slight astringent aftertaste.

Not nice, no flavours and not smooth or crisp enough to be enjoyed. A nothing beer.

Rubbish beer, forgettable, tasteless, not enjoyable, I will pass on this……

Have tried Chang and Singha Premium and I have to say this is also a Thai beer that doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps it’s better in Thailand, but I can only go on what I get in the local off license and this beer is pretty tasteless, typical of Asian beers in general.




Alcohol and fun

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Beer drinker

Beer drinker

Alcohol and fun

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