eviewLösch-Zwerg Cola Weizen



Brewed by Privatbrauerei Schimpfle
Style: Cola Weizen (wheat)
Gessertshausen, Bavaria, Germany

The brewery Schimpfle is located near the old city of Augsburg. It all started when, in 1864, a Mathias Schimpfle bought a small inn with brewing rights in the quiet town of Gessertshausen, in the heart of Bavaria.

Using raw materials from the region and sticking to traditional brewing principles, the Schimpfle family brewed special beer specialties that proved popular amongst the locals. This popularity meant expansion of the brewery, to meet the demands of the ever growing customer base.

The love of beer brewing has been passed down from generation to generation. Today Thomas Schimpfle, leads the brewery into the fourth generation of the family, as a freshly brewed master brewer, he took over the brewery at the age of 22 and developed his own beer brand — the Lösch dwarf was born.

The brewery now do a variety of dwarf bottled flavours, from a hot spicy number, to a pils, a cellar, a shandy type brew, and a wheat lemon non-alcoholic, in addition to the cola weizen.

Review: 0,33l bottle of Lösch-Zwerg Cola Weizen: 2.8% vol.

Like the little brown bottles with the pull caps, has the logo of a little elf on the front, as a fireman. Zwerg means dwarf!

On pour, as to be expected this looks exactly like a cola, brownish in appearance, no head. Except this in fact has less carbonation than the real thing!

A white head did make an appearance in the second bottle, but died quickly after, and the beer looks generally flat.

Minimal smell, just picking up the cola aroma, but on a very faint level.

Bit of a disappointment in the taste department, expected more of a cola taste, but what I got was pretty flat, and tasteless really. Like a bad watery cola, with a hint, and just a hint, of alcohol.

Second bottle served ice cold, much better in the taste, more cool and crisp on the tongue, and much more of a cola taste, and this time the alcohol is alive! Sugary, cola, caramels, wheat, and a bit of yeast.

Overall I think I would much prefer to have the real thing, a cola, perhaps with a dash of vodka. This is simply not worth it.

Alcohol and fun