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Brewed by BierenVanBegeerte
Berchem, Belgium


Bieren Van Begeerte is a Belgian brewery that focuses on specialty and custom made beers.

Founded in 2001. Beginning small, in the centre of the beautiful medieval city of Antwerp, and with a lot of trial and error, but fire in their belly, they started to produce some very tasty beers that seemed popular with the general public.

Kamil was their first baby! Proving to be a success leading them to expansion and a movement to a bigger brewery to Berchem on the outskirts of Antwerp. Onward and upwards!

Since 2001, Bieren Van Begeerte have always relied on their own recipes with hop varieties that is grown with great care on their Lints hop field. As small-scale micro brewers, they value local quality produce with the best sourced ingredients resulting in beers that stand apart from the rest. Modern creations in a classic type beer market.

Review: 33cl. Bottle of Kamil, a Belgian ale: 6.5% ABV

Lovely clear yellow coloured beer, with a nice smallish white head, looks ok. Some carbonation and good lacing. Head maintains.

Smell is nice with sweet malts, and a bit citrusy, a strong enough smell and piercing on the nose
The smell is pleasant.

Initial taste is hoppy, a very hoppy taste, typical of a Belgian ale, hitting you at the start. Sweet and bitter.

Nice n tasty, lots of flavours and strong tastes.
Hops are not too overbearing though, nice and light enough to appreciate.
Full of tastes, getting the barley, the wheat, the fruits, and, of course, the hops.

When you look at it you think it will be nice and calm, it looks lovely and unassuming but boy do the looks deceive, quite hoppy when you get into it. The calm before the storm so to speak!

A typical strongish Belgian ale, nice and tasty. A good beer to sip and enjoy.

Review: 75cl. Bottle of Kamil Greenstone, Strong Belgian Ale : 8% ABV

In a nice long brownish bottle, the Greenstone is a collaboration brew done with De Proefbrouwerij.

A bottle fermented beer that uses organically grown barley malt.

Had a lot of carbonation on the pour, took a little while to settle. But amongst all the froth emerged a lovely white headed beer with a nice dark hazy orange colour. It was very appetizing on the eye.

Naturally it had good lacing, and the head maintained throughout (even if my sanity at drinking so much beer and watching the football didn’t!).

Top marks for appearance, it looked magnificent.

On the smell I got a very fruity aroma, of oranges and apples.

For the taste, I got a very strong hoppy beer, quelle surprise its a Belgian! The hops are strong and it is bitter, but they are manageable enough to enjoy, and actually add to the experience of this beer.

Strong, nice to drink over time, and with the 75cl bottle you have that time needed to fully appreciate this beer.

A strong beer, with the spicy flavours, the hops, grains, the citrus, and the organic barley, all swirling around in your mouth, balanced and making this beer a particular favourite. Its playing a rock n roll tune with my taste buds.

Full of tasty hops and very bitter. Great big mouthfuls to enjoy, and my head was buzzing a little after it, but my mood was pleasant and I was just happy to have enjoyed a good long beer.

Review: 75cl. Bottle of Moktamee, Belgian Ale: 6.5% ABV

Moktamee is a specialty beer coming in a big 75cl bottle.

The appearance is one of a very dark amber colour with some reddish hue, and a nice white frothy head that does stick around.

Some good lacing on the glass too.

Looks great, in fact looks better than that, looks majestic. A very good looking beer.

Has a hoppy enough smell on the nose.

Oh my, the taste is very hoppy, very bitter, the hops making a very strong impression on the tongue.

Nice big mouthfuls swilling around, lovely stuff, the barley, the wheat and toasted malts doing the business.

Bit strong too, a good strong Belgian beer.

Perhaps not overrun with a lot of unique flavours, but I thoroughly enjoyed it while I watched the football. Very hoppy but very manageable though, and it had me buzzing by the end of it. Loved it.