Five Lamps Lager

Five Lamps Lager

Brewed by The 5 Lamps Dublin Brewery
Style: Czech style pilsner/Lager
Camden St, Dublin, Ireland

Established in 2012, The 5 lamps Brewery is the brainchild of Brian Fagan along with William Harvey, the master brewer and a former Guinness Brewer with over 27 years of experience in the beer industry.

The name “Five Lamps” comes from where they originated, the North Strand. Five beautiful street lamps at the junction of 5 different streets, dating back to the 19th century. Now they operate out of Camden Street on the south side of the city, running the brewery, a bar and a visitors centre where they offer tours of the site, beer tasting sessions, and also “champion the character of the city” of Dublin. Expect to learn some “Dublinese” and know more about the history of Dublin City when visiting!

Their first beer is The 5 Lamps Dublin Lager, launched in September 2012, a traditional Czech style pilsner, and now sell nationwide. In addition to this lager, they now have started a 5 Lamps Red Ale and 5 Lamps Light Lager.

Review: 500ml bottle of Five Lamps Lager: 4.2% vol.

In Bottles, cans and on tap in Dublin. Actually had it on tap in Dublin twice before and thoroughly enjoyed it, was lovely and crisp so I have high hopes for this one.

On the bottle you can be under no doubt where this beer is from, as they tell you “This is the beer of Dublin”, ok so!

A nice black bottle all the same, with the iconic 5 lamps imagery of Victorian Dublin. Lovely.

Onto the appearance, doesn’t look great at all, bit crap in fact. Clear golden colour with a small white head. Not a looker.

On the nose getting a real lagery aroma, faint but lager smells on the nose. Pale malt and grain.

Taste is not bad at all, nice creamy mouthfuls, typical lagery flavouring, malts and grains to the fore. Nice malty flavour with a distinct pilsner hop taste that is soft and inoffensive.

Overall, a bloody good lager, light and easy drinking, relaxing and went down well, it is what it is. Not the greatest out there but for an Irish lager its bloody good. Tasty.



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