Feldschlösschen Dunkel Brune

Feldschlösschen Dunkel Brune


Brewed by Feldschlösschen (Carlsberg)
Style: Dark Lager/Dunkel
Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Feldschlösschen is the best known beer brand in Switzerland. Their beers have been brewed at the Feldschlösschen brewery in Rheinfelden, the biggest brewery in Switzerland, since its foundation in 1876 and has been the leading Swiss beer brand for more than 100 years. Today its by far the leading brand in the country with 45 per cent of the beer market, with more than 40 Swiss beer brands, mineral waters, soft drinks and wine produced and shipped all over the country and beyond.

The brewery logo is in the shape of a castle and Feldschlösschen means ‘small castle in the fields’ in German.

Have tried a good few Feldschlösschen beers before, most notably their main brew, their Pale Lager which I actually liked, much to the chagrin of beer geeks everywhere. Yes it is a generic lager but on a hot day a cold one is great. As I said at the time, it is a “bloody good beer!” Also tried their strong Pale Lager, Feldschlösschen Stark , at 7% ABV. Also found it quite nice and did the business. I also drank the Feldschlösschen Frühlingsbier, a seasonal spring beer, and their Feldschlösschen Ice, a cold pale ale, was very cold that it killed the taste, both beers were shit, basically! So you can see, it’s a bit of hit and miss with Feldschlösschen!

Review: 50cl can of Feldschlösschen Dunkel Brune: 5.5% vol.

Comes in an all brown can, not the prettiest sight but it will do. Also can get in bottles.

Get a good amount on the pour, nice. Good frothy tanned head, and a deep amber looking beer, looks good, no it looks fantastic, very nice on the eye. Good lacing.

Very light smell, very faint. Just a regular beery aroma, malty and not much else. Disappointing.

Nice big mouthfuls on the initial taste, oh, very nice. Aftertaste is roasted malts, smoky, interesting!

Not a bad taste, biscuity taste, deep, I like it. Especially the aftertaste, full bodied and very filling in the taste.

Like a hearty meal, very good, perfect for a slow session. Went down very well, not too bitter, quite well balanced.

Coffee tastes detected and sweet caramel malts. Overall I liked this a lot, and I will return, nice one.



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