Corfu Beer Special Red

Brewed by Corfu Beer
Style: Red Ale
Agios Georgios, Corfu, Greece

In the northwestern corner of the beautiful holiday island of Corfu lies the Corfu Microbrewery, situated in the small town of Arillas.

Founded by Spyros Kaloudis in 2006, they produce many different beers, reds, bitters, pils, Weiss’, IPA’s, and so on. All beers are produced from natural ingredients, unpasteurized and unfiltered, and sold all over the holiday island, both in bottle and in draught, and to be found in most supermarkets.

Review: 500ml big bottle of Corfu Beer Special Red: 5% vol.

Got it on my holidays in Corfu. Comes in a very nice distinctive black bottle with a coat of arms of the company that is impressive to see, stands out in the supermarket.

A Red unfiltered and unpasteurized ale made from caramelised malt and yeast with fruity essence-aroma.

It has the look of a good standard red ale, with its lovely reddish colour, not a bad looker, albeit the white head is small enough, but at least maintains well throughout. Some very light lacing.

Initially very fruity on the nose, but overall it is a bit odourless. Lovely fruity aromas vanish quickly into thin air!

On the taste, yeah this is really like an old fashioned red ale, spot on.

Nice big initial mouthfuls, all creamy and crisp on the tongue, lovely.

Barely malt and caramel apparent.

Not bad at all, enjoyable enough, very tasty coming straight cold from the fridge on a hot summers day overlooking the Med, lovely.

Has some good flavours and tastes, grainy and with a touch of caramel, can also get the hops.

One to sip and enjoy, drank it slowly and it was very enjoyable to relax with, mild bitterness. Liked this beer a lot, very good.

Taste is full bodied, very full bodied, an excellent red ale, What a nice surprise as wasn’t expecting a Greek beer to fill me with so much happiness!
Smooth and very drinkable. Goes down so easy, nice creamy mouthfuls. Recommended.

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