Calanda Radler

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2 min readMay 7, 2021


Calanda Radler Lemon

Brewed by Calanda (Heineken Switzerland)
Style: Radler
Chur, Switzerland

Having tried Calanda’s Bräu Lager previously, and found it to be very enjoyable, I decided to go for their radler this time round as it was a lovely hot day and I’d quite like an easy drinking refreshment to cool me down.

Calanda Bräu is a Swiss brewery from the small town of Chur, which is reputedly the oldest town in Switzerland, and lies next to the waters of the Grison mountains, which are part of the Alps.

Beer was produced in this region since the late 18th century where a lot of microbreweries were littered around, not just in this area but also the whole of Switzerland. This fierce competition meant that no brewery could really develop, so by the early 20th century many of these micro breweries merged together to form a larger and more efficient (and more profitable) larger brewery, called Aktienbrauerei Chur. With further acquisitions and mergers over time eventually becoming Calanda Bräu in 1971.

The brewery was popular, becoming the third largest in the country by the 1990’s. This spiked the interest of Heineken who acquired the company in 1993, and who continue the tradition-rich Grisons beer brand Calanda.

Review: 50cl can of Calanda Radler Lemon: 2.0% vol.

Sold in Coop supermarkets nationwide in Switzerland.

The can it comes in looks nice, showing the Alps and I guess where the spring waters are from to make these brews, also some sweet looking lemons on show.

Appearance wise it looks light pale yellow, with a smallish white head, looks ok for a radler, some soft carbonation. Overall a decent look.

Getting the lemon and citrus of course on the nose, light enough but it is there and it’s a nice aroma.

Taste is sweet and light, of course, nice and soft on the tongue, nice enough, but quite light in flavour but enjoyable enough all the same.

Getting the lemon and the citrus naturally, but truth be told I think it could be much stronger in the taste.

Drinkable for sure and goes down fine, but could be better. Won’t be buying again. A cider might be more preferable on a hot day. It wouldn’t even pass as a good lemonade! Pity.



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