Brauer & Co., Funky trout and Pretty sperm whale!

Brauer & Co.

Brewed by Brauer & Co Leipzig
Einsiedler brewery in Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

From the Brauer and Co in Leipzig, in the eastern German state of Saxony, in what was part of eastern Germany, I got two unique looking beers. One a pilsner called Funky Forelle (Funky trout!), a Pils coming in an equally funky bottle with a rather pop art design of a fish on the long necked brown bottle, looks great. The other beer was a radler called Pretty Potwall (Pretty sperm whale!), also coming in a rather trendy looking design. We get the sperm whale enjoying himself with a nice big yellow lemon! Other than that I dont know a whole lot about the beers or the brewery but then I would guess that is part of the attraction of the beers! Mysterious!

Review: 0.33l brown bottle of Funky Forelle, a Pils: 4.9% ABV

Funky Forelle, means Funky Trout in German. Logo looks well cool, of a fish in the shape of a glass. I am not sure of why its a trout. A fish can symbolize hope, love and community, a living thing that is free in our waters, oceans and rivers (thanks Google), so make of that what you will.

On pour I got a decent sized white headed beer, with a very clear, golden yellowish colour.
Slight carbonation firing up the beer.

It looks very good, looks very appetizing, so can’t wait to get stuck in and drink the damn thing!

The smell is faint, malty, but light on the nose.

On the taste, got an initial bitter taste of the hops, immediately activating the taste buds.

Very malty, a lot of malts on the taste.

Nice to sip, and very easy to drink. Slightly hoppy, this is a regular German pils and quite light to drink.

Review: 0.5l brown bottle of Pretty Pottwal Naturradler, a Radler 2.4% ABV

Coming in a nice long 5,l brown bottle with a rather cool looking logo of a Sperm Whale in the shape of a glass, eye catching.

A radler was just what I needed after the heavy Belgians the night before!

Get a hazy looking light golden coloured radler.

Smell is very nice n fruity, get the citrus, the lemon and the grapefruits. Good, good!

On the initial taste immediately get the nice fruity flavours of this radler. Similar to the aroma, the lemons and grapefruits are to the fore, lovely and fresh nestling on your taste buds.

A nice and tasty radler that does the business, gets you well refreshed for the hot day that was in it.



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