Amager Bryghus, Sigtebroad

Amager Bryghus, Sigtebroad

Brewed by Amager Bryghus
Style: New England IPA
Kastrup, Denmark

‘SigteBroad’ is a collaboration brew with Da Amager Brewery and the Boston-based Trillium Brewing Co., which is one of the world’s leading brewery’s when it comes to the massively fruity and hazy New England IPAs.

When Jean Claude Tetreault, the main man at Trillium Brewing Co came across an old Danish type of bread called “Sigtebrød”, he decided it might be interesting to use those same ingredients in a very hoppy IPA! The Viking hard bread was widespread back in the day, not just in Scandinavia but also found as far as Ireland, Scotland and England. “Sigte” — in English is “to aim”, which means this hard bread was actually used as a bow when there was a scarcity of wood! Handy, once finished in battle, you could just eat the bow as well, those Vikings were a clever lot!

But fast forward to modern times, Danes in the new country of the USA, settled down in Minnesota and brought with them the old Viking bread, where it became very popular. It wasn’t just the bread people were enchanted with, the Danish girls who sold the bread were also gaining a fan base amongst the local Minnesotans who soon nicknamed them “sigte broads” for their good looks. In some cities, the bakery master had to arm his aiming broads with a traditional, long, Danish bread knife to ward off the most intrusive of the male admirers. True story, or so they say!

Review: 33cl bottle of Amager Bryghus, Sigtebroad: 6.8% vol.

Interesting logo of a woman cutting what looks like some bread.

Looking at the bottle I get the horrible sight of a lot of sediment lying at the bottom of the glass. Looks rank, not appetizing at all. It’s a double hopped IPA!

Sure enough, on pour it doesn’t look any better. Getting a massive white head and an orangish coloured beer. But again all that sediment floating around, large chunks of it…YUCK!

I am nearly afraid to drink this, and you know me I’d drink any fucking thing!

Other than all the floaties, the appearance is a cloudy brew with a whitish head which maintains well, and an orange coloured beer, which if it wasn’t for the sediment would look ok.

The smell, on the other hand, is nice, very hoppy on the nose, with the fruits, all good.

Ok let’s dive into the taste!

Taste is very, very sweet and very hoppy as well. A bit too sweet. But at least its not rotten what with all that sediment!

Quite a strong beer, and not too bad to sip, but very hoppy. Citrus and tropical fruits overload. Well it is a double hop but still……lol

But nothing too exciting in the style, just another IPA that’s over hopped to the hilt, not terrible but not great.

Not fun to drink as it looks terrible……..I will pass on this…….



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