AC/DC, Rock or Bust

ACDC Beer Rock or Bust

Brewed by Karlsberg Brauerei
Style: Pale Lager
Homburg, Germany

From the city of Homburg, Saarland in southwestern Germany, comes Karlsberg, one of the largest breweries in Germany. Outside of Germany it is known as Karlsbräu to differentiate it from Danish beer giant Carlsberg.

The brewery was founded by Christian Weber in 1878 and takes its name after the nearby hill and castle. Karlsberg’s current owner is Richard Weber, the great-grandson of the brewery’s founder.

Karlsberg Brauerei GmbH produce and sell beers and beverages all across Germany. In addition to Karlsberg UrPils (Pils), which is advertised by the brewery as a premium brand, Karlsberg produces about 20 other beers: from lagers to export, light and pils to Kellerbier (Zischke) and Starkbier (Karlsberg Bock). Also, Karlsberg offers five wheat beer variants.

Karlsberg also produce a wide assortment of mixed beer drinks. There are, for example, mixed drinks with the flavors Cola, Lemon, Cherry, Apple and Iced Flavor offered. The brewery achieved its national breakthrough with the trend drink MiXery, a mixture of beer and cola and a secret additive, called “X”. MiXery was the first mixed beer drink of its kind on the national and international market and is still a market leader.

The Karlsberg Group also owns and distributes other beer brands, among them the German brewery Königsbacher (in Koblenz) and the French brewery Brasserie de Saverne (I tried their Savernine 8,8 a while back). They also acquired some juice and mineral water brands, but we dont care about that, right! Albeit Alcohol-free drinks make up more than 50% of the company’s turnover!!

In addition to the production of beer and mixed beer beverages, the brewery is active in the areas of beverage distribution, transport and event services. Out of the brewery emerged the Karlsberg-Verbund Group, which includes other money making companies.

Karlsberg sponsors numerous clubs as well as numerous cultural events, festivals and concerts in the region. In terms of football it sponsors the clubs FC Kaiserslautern (now sorry to say in the German third division!) where it even has a whole stand “The Karlsberg West Stand” sponsored, FC Saarbrücken (4th tier) and FC 08 Homburg (Regional football).

Review: Large black 568ml can of ACDC Beer Rock or Bust: ABV: 5% vol

I love rock music and heavy metal and It’s not that I think that ACDC are a bad band or anything but truth be told I was never into them at all. If I had to pick an Aussie band then I’d go Cosmic Psychos, a criminally underrated band who sing about getting drunk and shit.

Having said all that, It’s A Long Way To The Top is a rock classic.

Coming in an all black can with ACDC spelt out in shiny grey lettering. “German beer, Australian hard rock”. “Rock or Bust” is the name of the bands most recent album and the name of their last tour, which In Germany set a new record for the number of tickets sold within the shortest time span, with more than 300,000 tickets sold out in 77 minutes.

The beer is exclusive to Aldi, and is sold in a good few central European countries, and in Brazil and Australia, and sold in cans or big fuck off kegs. The beer also strictly follows Germany’s ancient beer purity law, the Reinheitsgebot.

On pour, get a very fluffy, massive white head, and a light golden beer. Head maintains well. Some lacing. Not a bad looking beer.

Smell is beery and malty with corn and grains. Aroma is good.

Ok lets get down to the taste then, does this beer rock, literally?

Nice big creamy mouthfuls at the start, a good full bodied lager taste, nice and smooth.

Easy to drink, crisp soft tastes easy on the tongue. Very drinkable, goes down very well. Light clean tasting malts and easily digestible floral hops.

No stand out tastes or flavours, but easy to drink.
Very smooth, very clean and thin, with a straight finish and so easy to drink. I liked it.
Was in good spirits so it helped the mood. A very enjoyable and refreshing beer that does the business. Albeit I wonder would a heavy metal band not have made something with a bit more of a kick or soul to it rather than an inoffensive light tasting beer.

I guess this is the kind of beer that would be a perfect gift for a metal head on his (or her) birthday or for Christmas, and also not bad to chug a few at a party.




Alcohol and fun

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Beer drinker

Alcohol and fun

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