Calanda Radler Lemon

Brewed by Calanda (Heineken Switzerland)
Style: Radler
Chur, Switzerland

Having tried Calanda’s Bräu Lager previously, and found it to be very enjoyable, I decided to go for their radler this time round as it was a lovely hot day and I’d quite like an easy drinking refreshment to cool me down.

Calanda Bräu is a Swiss brewery from the small town of Chur, which is reputedly the oldest town in Switzerland, and lies next to the waters of the Grison mountains, which are part of the Alps.

Beer was produced in this region since the late 18th century where…

Interview with lifelong Athlone Town fan

The lads in Sean’s Bar pointed me the direction of SuperValu up the town (at least I think that was the direction!), they told me there I would find a certain John Croughan, a long time fan of Ireland’s oldest team, and who would be a well of information on all things Athlone Town FC.

Although he was a bit busy and his sister was eager to drag him off somewhere, sure enough John was only too happy to have a short chat about the fortunes of the club.

So I am with John…

McGargles Sean’s Export Stout

Brewed by Rye River Brewing Company
Style: Stout
Celbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Drinking in an Irish beer session can produce a lot. For most of us it gives us a stomping hangover, and a not so pretty toilet the next day. But for three lads, Alan Wolfe, Niall Phelan and Tom Cronin, this drinking session gave birth to a great idea. Now I have loads of great ideas when I am on the gargle, but unlike them I have no experience with the likes of Molson Coors, Guinness and Heineken, as the aforementioned have. …

Smithwick’s Red Ale

Brewed by Guinness (Diageo)
Style: Irish Red Ale
St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland

Smithwick’s is an Irish red ale-style beer that is widely available throughout the length and breath of Ireland, popular as it is amongst the drinking fraternity of the country.

Synonymous with the ancient city of Kilkenny, was founded there in 1710 by John Smithwick , but these days it is produced out of St. James gate in Dublin, as part of the Guinness/Diageo group (spit!). This means that the old Kilkenny brewery no longer makes the famous beer of the city, shut down as it was…

Dutch Gold

Brewed by Anheuser-Busch InBev
Style: Pale Lager
Leuven, Belgium

Launched in 1995, Dutch Gold is a low-cost, imported, pilsner lager beer sold exclusively to Ireland. Its damn popular, ranked as the third best selling beer in the country in canned form, after Budweiser and Heineken. Mainly due to its very cheap asking price, about a Euro a can, or traditionally “4 for 5” in a pack. Popular amongst students, the lower classes, and layabouts. Not a slight, I drink it myself, lol!

Funnily enough its not Dutch at all, but brewed by Inbev, a company from Belgium, but it…

Molson Canadian

Brewed by Molson Brewing Company (Molson Coors Canada)
Style: Pale Lager
Montréal, Canada

Canada is a country that you would expect to find decent beers. A land of vast wilderness, miles upon miles of freshwater lakes and fields that are ripe for the growing of barley, no doubt this is a place where good beer demands to be made.

Step forward Molson Canadian, a lager beer brewed by Molson Brewing, the Canadian division of Molson Coors Brewing Company. Introduced in 1959, the beer is brewed with pure Canadian waters, prairie barley and no preservatives.The result is a beer as…

Red Horse

Brewed by San Miguel Brewery
Style: Strong Pale Lager
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Red Horse Beer is an extra-strong lager brewed by the San Miguel Brewery from Manila in the Philippines.

San Miguel beer was first produced by La Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel, a small brewery in the Philippines, which began its activity in 1890. In 1963 the brewery was renamed San Miguel Corporation to today where it is Southeast Asia’s largest publicly listed food, beverage and packaging company with over 18,000 employees in over 100 major facilities throughout the Asia-Pacific. …

Hop House Lager 13

Brewed by Guinness (Diageo)
Style: Pale Lager
St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland

Coming out of the Guinness HQ at St. James’s Gate, Hop House Lager 13 is another exciting innovative beer from The Brewers Project, the guys and gals who are allowed to experiment with recipes old and new in the famous brewery, and create beers that are a bit different to the traditional stouts that Guinness usually churn out.

Available all over Ireland (handy to have that distribution network!), and to further afield in Europe and even Asia, it is an interesting lager that certainly has people talking…

Five Lamps Lager

Brewed by The 5 Lamps Dublin Brewery
Style: Czech style pilsner/Lager
Camden St, Dublin, Ireland

Established in 2012, The 5 lamps Brewery is the brainchild of Brian Fagan along with William Harvey, the master brewer and a former Guinness Brewer with over 27 years of experience in the beer industry.

The name “Five Lamps” comes from where they originated, the North Strand. Five beautiful street lamps at the junction of 5 different streets, dating back to the 19th century. Now they operate out of Camden Street on the south side of the city, running the brewery, a bar and…

Harper’s Wild Bill’s

Brewed by Harpers Brewing Company (Marston’s Brewery)
Style: American IPA
Burton-on-Trent, England

Marston’s is a British brewery, pub and hotel operator, running over 1500 pubs in the UK. It was known as Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries plc until 2007 when it rebranded as Marston’s.

Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries, itself, was a fusion of three breweries, Banks and Company, George Thompson and Sons of The Dudley and Victoria Breweries, and Charles Colonel Smith’s brewery at the Fox Brewery, Wolverhampton.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange, this enabled Marstons to get a steady cash flow which allowed it to invest in…

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